Leo’s Fortune Trailer

Brett Doar Rube Goldberg: Leo’s Fortune

I created this machine for the Android release of the hit mobile video game Leo’s Fortune .  Working with me were TJ Lewis, Trevor Yamamoto, and Paul Thompson, and the video was directed by Christian Jacobs (of the Aquabats and Yo Gabba Gabba).   AdWeek named the video their “Ad of the Day”, and it was […]

Countdown Sequence for Google IO 2014

Google IO 2014 Countdown Clock

My team and I opened the Google I/O Worldwide Developer conference on June 25th. My crew, consisting of Paul Thompson, Steve Lassovzsky, TJ Lewis, Eric Mesple and Trevor Yamamoto, kicked off the keynote session with a live audience of about 5000, with a couple of million viewers via global simulcast. The full installation was a […]

History In the Making: Nokia and Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft: Rube Goldberg Machine

This is a Rube Goldberg machine built to celebrate Nokia Devices & Services joining Microsoft. I collaborated with Column Five, who had previously worked on Microsoft’s “Child of the 90s” video. This machine also celebrates the history of technology featuring old school Nokia phones, stacks of floppy disks, a boom box, a Dot Matrix printer […]

Disney XD station ID

Disney XD station ID

Here’s a Rube Goldberg machine that I built for Syynlabs for the Disney XD channel. I built and designed about 90% of this (didn’t build the pneumatic cannons at the end, these were repurposed from the OK Go video. I did work out the wiring and the trigger mechanism. Also I didn’t do the part […]

Colbert Report Rube Goldberg Machine

Colbert Report Rube Goldberg Machine

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Intro – Rube Goldberg Machine www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive I built this Rube Goldberg Machine for the Colbert Report, and set it off in front of a live audience to begin the show. Some things that may not […]

OK Go- This Too Shall Pass (RGM version)

OK Go, This Too Shall Pass, Rube Goldberg Machine

I was a primary engineer on this video. I worked out the majority of triggers on the upper level, as well as designed and built several of the individual modules, including the Sunrise, the flags, the typewriter mechanism, and the rolling ball/kabuki screen theater. I also contributed the “Make: magazine” race car that rolls down […]